Creating Beautiful Web Design


  • The Pillars of good Front End Design

    I love the approach from Gary Simon on this video highlighting the pillars of good front end design. He puts forward the following key elements of UI design: Colour and contrast, Whitespace, Alignment, Scale, Visual Hierachy, Consistency, Simplicity and Typography. While I believe Gary has hit the nail on the head with these categories, I…

  • Set-up

    This site is built with a WordPress headless CMS, GraphQL API, and React / NextJS frontend. Check out this short video from James Quick showing how to set up your own. The process is easy and you can be set up in under 30 minutes.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to Coveted Space. A blog for keeping up to date on the latest trends in Front End Web Design. Please feel free to contribute comments, ideas and pull requests to help this project grow into something special.